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Content Marketing Services

May 5th, 2016

Any business requires content marketing as consumers require content to satisfy any questions they could be having. Content also enables you to direct your consumers to solutions for any business problem hey could be having. Proper content marketing will increase your signals all around the web, increasing your authority and credibility for your given audience. Also, not only does content marketing give you great SEO benefits, in also gives you a great connection with your customers that could not be achieved by any other form of digital marketing.


The main content marketing services that a company should provide include:

Content Strategy

It is important to remind your customers the importance of having a workable content marketing strategy and not just diving immediately into content production. Having a strategy gives a better understanding of your current stand and exactly what they will need to do in order to get to where they intend to be. This process involves planning the development of the buyer personas; evaluate how strong they are while seeking ways to strengthen them. This step is very critical because the personas created will be the guide to the direction of your future in content creation. It is also important that you audit the existing content of your client as this could give you a starting point for the process of content creation. It is highly recommended that you build an editorial calendar for your content marketing. This first step is very critical as it enables you and your client to visualize the frequency, progress and the publishing patterns.

Content Creation

Whether you think you have no time to create content or maybe your company is too boring to release anything interesting or maybe your audience does not use social media, always know that anyone is in a position to create usable content. This process should not be overwhelming for you. Any business stands to benefit from social media, blogging, email or any other content creation as long as their content remains authentic.

Content optimization

Creating content is not enough; content needs to be optimized and visible in order for it to make an impact for a business. This is important to ensure that your content is actually being found by the customers being targeted. Proper content optimization will make use of keyword research, user behavior, SEO and great competitive insight for the content to be valid.

Content Promotion

This strategy is important to ensure that content gets to the targeted audience at the right time. To save on money and time, it is important to identify the best outlet to use for your content distribution and be in line with the channels being used by the competitors. You can also use the industry’s big names who could share your content.

Content Maintenance

This involves keeping your content fresh and up to date at all time.

Content Reporting

You should be in a position to provide reporting services about your content marketing so that they may be able to adjust their content to be in line with what is workable.